Emmert #1 Patternmakers Vise for Sale in Ohio

Here is a rather nice example of what many would consider the finest woodworking vise ever made- the Improved No. 1 Universal Vise by the Emmert Mfg. Co. of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

This was the largest size produced by Emmert and weighs in at about 95 pounds with jaws that measure 18" X 7".

First designed and patented by Joseph Emmert in 1891, the amazing "new" vises found great favor among the Pattern Makers trade. At one time, Pattern Making was the highest art that a young tradesman could aspire to. Pattern Makers would produce the wooden "patterns" used in sand molds from which metallic items were cast in.

Pattern makers were often called upon to produce some extremely complicated wooden patterns which had to be executed to thousandths of an inch!
Sadly, most of the old pattern shops are now closed down and patterns are now being produced by CNC machines.

The early Emmert vises, although marvels of their times, had certain weaknesses and limitations. The tilt mechanism for the front jaw was prone to breakage, and the locking pin arrangement on the rear hub allowed only a limited number of locations that the rotating jaws could be set to.

On July 15, 1919, Victor Koontz, (an employee of Emmert), was granted a rather elaborate 7 page patent for improvements to the Pattern Makers Vise.

Although this patent addresses a number of different issues, the two most notable improvements over the old turtleback vises is the much more durable large concentric disc on the front that controls the tilting front jaw and the newly designed rear hub that allows locking the rotating jaws in at any desired location throughout their full 360 degrees of rotation.
This example of the improved, (Koontz Patent), is of the finest and most durable type ever produced by Emmert!

The former owner has made an improvement to this Vise by installing a lever handle to the concentric disc which controls jaw tilt. This replaces the small bakelite knob that was originally supplied, which was easily damaged and is often found missing. In addition, it appears that the black paint has been touched up quite a few years ago.

The front jaw tilts in both directions to accommodate tapers. Both jaws rotate 360 degrees and can be locked in any desired location and the whole jaw assembly can be tilted upwards 90 degrees and locked in where needed. When tilted a full 90 degrees, the jaws are parallel with the bench top.

Sold on eBay Nov 14th 2007 for $860.01 + Shipping and $30 crating fee.

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