American Machinery Co Oliver Universal #3 Miter Trimmer for sale

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am at the sight of this Oliver Universal N0. 3 Mitre Trimmer for sale! Oliver Machinery Early History shows that this trimmer is incredibly rare and was likely produced between the years of 1897-98 by American Machinery Co. Unlike all of the other miter trimmers on this blog to date the #3 uses a large "Ships Wheel" rather than a lever. This trimmer has been beautiful restored and I suggest you keep an eye on this one, because it will sell for a tremendous price! Auction ends Jan 12th 2007. The trimmer is in the Chestertown, MD area.

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David Church said...

I have one of these in my workshop in the UK, very good and sturdy machine, did not realise it was so old. I also have a 1922 Robinson 9x24" planer thicknesser, converted from overhead belt to 3 phase some years ago and still in daily use.