Emmert Paternmakers Vise for Sale

The owner of this vise claims that it is in very good condition. It's a Universal Patternmakers Vise by Emmert Mfg. Co. of Waynesboro, PA. This vise has been used on a home workbench for the past 40 years. Vise jaws open to 12+ inches and rotates 180 degrees to use the small jaws. It also tilts up 90 degrees and the jaws are adjustable to clamp pieces that are not parallel. The measurements are 18" by 7" and it weighs about 65 pounds. There are no cracks or problems with this vise. Paypal accepted for payment.
Shipping may be in two packages to keep weight under UPS maximum of 70 lbs. OR pick up near Roanoke, VA and save the shipping charges.
Sold on eBay for $227.50 +$125 S&H on April 3rd 2008.

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