Wilton Universal Turret Paternmaker Vise

In 1959 Wilton invented what they called the Wilton Universal Turret Vise, which is in essence a Patternmakers vise.  It had two jaws that swiveled into place on the turret to allow the user to hold large items for woodworking, or with a flip metal working or even pipe clamping jaws could b called into action.  The patent was finally granted in 1961, but by then the vise had already been on the market a year.  I suppose that's what the term "Patent Pending" is all about. 

What are they worth?  I think because they are so rare very few people know about them, so they either sell for $20 or $150!  It's crazy and there is no rhyme or reason to the pricing.

Check www.PatentPlaceUSA.com for a copy of the US Patent reproduced on Southworth parchment paper.

Click this link to see Wilton Universal Paternmaker's Vise for sale on eBay at this moment. (Don't hold your breath! They are rare as hens teeth.)

Click this link to see all the Wilton vises for sale on eBay at this moment.  This will return a LOT of vices, because Wilton has been a prolific manufacturer of vises.


plastic stanchions said...

Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome. You are really a master

brad parro said...

I just bought a wilton universal pattern makers vice, it is missing the handle, is there any one out there that has a handle for sale. I need the tee and sliding pipe call Brad at 216-372-8371

AK said...

I own two of these vises but they are both missing the mechanism that secures the turret from rotating. Wilton doesn't even have a diagram for me to look at. Does anyone have parts or even a picture I can look at to try to fabricate something?

Blogger said...

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