100Years of woodworking technology in a single photo

My bro-worker Brisco just sent me this photo, which he snapped in a cabinet shop he visited this week. He knew I was a tool-nerd and wondered if I knew what it was. "Oh course" I said. "I even have a blog dedicated to them!" This further confirmed my neediness.

It was only after I studied the photo that I realized what a gem it was.

What do you notice?

Front and center is a Dosch miter trimer, which was patented in 1900; but around it are a few of the most modern tools in the woodshop.
  • A wooden box with a Lamello biscuit joiner.
  • Several cordless drills.
  • A stack of edge banding for use on the edge of melamine particle board.
  • A "Systainer" from Festool which contains "Domino" tenons for the Domino machine.
  • To the immediate left of the miter trimmer is a shop-made fixture for routing a mortise.
What a great photo Brisco. Keep 'em coming!

Click the pic to Biggie-size it.

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Tony said...

That's a picture from my shop. There's an Emmert on the bottom shelf of a bench (waiting to be mounted) right behind where the photographer was standing. One correction: the Systainer is for a Swiss Invis.

Best regards,